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Representatives Needed!!

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Commission chart

Use this as your guide for sales and your commission



Promotions and Specials:


3 Hour Gift Packet: $20.00 per sale


New promotions added periodically. The information will be emailed to you. Your commission varies for each individual promo.


 Regular Personal Assistant Services:


1-5 hours- $5.00


6-10 hours- $10.00


11-20 hours- $20.00


21-30 hours- $30.00


31-40 hours- $40.00

This is pay per sale





If you purchase 12 hours for a client you will receive $20.00 for that sale


If the client wants to purchase multiple sales you will receive commission based on this chart and the individual purchases.



The client wants to purchase 2 gift promotions and buy themselves 8 hours of Personal Assistance you would receive $50.00 for the entire sale.

2 gift promos = $40.00

8 hours = $10.00




You will be paid by check. It will be mailed out to your residence every Monday.

VIP is currently trying to payout through Pay Pal. You will be contacted in the future for possible participation



If you have any questions please contact

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